Grizzly guards cubs from pesky coyote.

Coyotes are pesky creatures. Scavengers in general are pesky creatures, often benefitting from the work of other animals. The momma grizzly in this clip posted by The Bear Guy wasn’t having any of that pesky activity around her cubs, keeping a close eye on and eventually pushing away a coyote that was trying to steal some food.

First time mom took her cubs to the froze over lake first thing in the spring to look for fish that winter killed and were frozen in the ice. She was met by a pair of coyotes, with the one checking out the bear family. It engaged with the cubs, with them chasing the coyote and then running back to mom. When the female bear started unearthing a few fish the coyote would go in to investigate and see if it could steal the prize which annoyed the bear, resulting in several half hearted bluff charges. Eventually the coyote took the hint and let the bears be, who moved off to work the north end of the lake.

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