Eileen Gu, a week in the life.

Between being a highly decorated skier, a full-time student at Stanford and a professional mode, Eileen Gu is leads a super busy life but the 20-year-old still manages to strike a balance in her a life. Any given day in her life could be spent on the slopes, behind the lens or in a classroom. Check out this video and learn how Eileen manages all her various roles and still has time to stay present and embrace the fun times with her family and friends:

“I think there’s a fallacy around being a multi-faceted person. I think doing a bunch of different things act as a break from one another. By doing more I protect myself more from burn out. Being in school is a break from skiing for me, so when I’m back on snow I appreciate it that much more and I have that much more love for the sport.” -Eileen Gu

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