Colorado dirt biker falls 70 feet into Devil’s Punchbowl
Colorado dirt biker falls 70 feet into Devil’s Punchbowl

Incredible footage of a lucky dirt biker on Schofield Pass, near Crested Butte, Colorado who biffed it off a trail at the best possible place and walked away wet but uninjured. Rick Hogge was miraculously okay after falling 70ft into a pool at the bottom of a waterfall but his 2019 KTM 300 XC-W TPI may not have been. This is unbelievably lucky:

“Off path madness and splashdown into the punchbowl. I was completely uninjured and climbed out within 15 minutes of the incident.

So what happened? Riding a dirt bike across obstacles typically requires the rider to maintain momentum. As can be seen, I chose a riding line on the left as I thought it looked easier. I wasn’t going quick enough and the front tire got kicked to the left which caused my throttle hand to twist and … well .. you saw the rest.

How about the fall? First I grabbed for anything to slow me down; check out the shadows. No, time didn’t stand still or slow down. I thought of my kids, called out to God and fell perfectly into the water. Once I surfaced, I thought I was going to drown but thankfully the edge was close by and I was able to gather myself, take a deep breath and patiently wait for help.

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