Xtracycle now includes free shipping, professional assembly, and accessories with their e-cargo bikes.
Xtracycle now includes free shipping, professional assembly, and accessories with their e-cargo bikes.

Electric cargo bikes are an incredibly useful mode of transportation in urban environments but it can be a daunting task getting one shipped and assembled. Xtracycle recognized the friction between ordering a bike and having it fully assembled ready to go and has taken major steps to streamline the process. Xtracycle just announced every purchase will include shipping, professional local assembly (New York & Bay Area) and the Hooptie passenger system ($1,000 value). To sweeten the deal, the base model 20mph Swoop and Stoker will now also include the front PorterRack, PorterPack, MagicCarpet seat pad, Everyday BikePack, and BoomBox bags. Cheers to Xtracycle for smoothing out some of the speedbumps in incorporating cargo bikes into our lifestyles and providing a smoking deal at the same time.

Xtracycle, the pioneering brand that catalyzed the cargo bike movement over 25 years ago, is revolutionizing the e-cargo bike ownership experience with a new streamlined buying process. Now, every Xtracycle bike purchase will include free shipping, professional assembly, and the brand’s signature Hooptie passenger system – adding over $1,000.00 value.

Delivering Confidence in product, simplicity in accessibility.

Xtracycle will now ship bikes free of charge and partner with local bike shops for assembly through the Beeline Connect network of independent bike dealers, or build locally in New York City and the Bay Area, where Xtracycle has locations.

“Our goal is to have the highest quality mid drive e-cargo in the business, with all the
accessories you need for the next 10 years, delivered and ready to ride. We know that once families start riding our bicycles they immediately take advantage of the convenience, value, and fun. This new approach gives our riders even greater confidence in their purchase, adding ease from the start of the buying process that carries through a lifetime of ownership.” –
Jamie Tibbetts, Marketing and Communications Manager at Xtracycle

Fully loaded family cargo at the best value.

The now included Hooptie passenger system, featuring the innovative wrap-around kid
enclosure and SnackBars, allows riders to safely transport any passenger – from toddlers to kids, teens and adults. Additionally, purchase of Xtracycle’s flagship 20 mph Swoop and Stoker models will also include a slew of cargo accessories: the PorterRack, PorterPack, MagicCarpet seat pad, and the Everyday BikePack and BoomBox bags, adding over $1,500 of value at the base model price of $3,999.

“We want our riders to get the most out of their e-cargo bike right from the start, so including the Hooptie standard with every bike maximizes versatility and utility. And decking out our signature 20 mph Swoop and Stoker with a full accessory package, we can plant our flag as the best in class for quality and value at under $4,000.”

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