DJI portable power station
DJI portable power station

Any drone pilots will tell you keeping your batteries charged is a constant battle, especially in the field, so it makes sense that drone industry leader DJI has come out with their own proprietary portable power station to charge up batteries not only for drones but for general purpose outdoor adventure needs and it can even serve as home battery backup. Wont get fully in the weeds on all the specs (MORE INFO HERE) but this video will give you a tidy overview of what they have to offer. The DJI POWER 1000 is available for purchase now for USD $699:

-Genuine Ultra-High-Capacity Power Output: 2200W-2600W

2200 W: Stable output until battery runs out

2600 W : Sustained for 30 seconds

4400 W: Peak output

-Dual 140W USB-C Ports, Super Fast Charging

-23dB—Sleep Undisturbed Indoors or Camping

-Fast Charges DJI Drones

-Fully Charged in 70 Mins

-Comprehensive Safety

-Supports Solar Charging

-Extensive Accessories


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