Alaskan rescues a moose calf with the help of police officers.

HOMER, Alaska – Alaskan Spencer Warren discovered a moose calf stuck between a float plane and dock a few days ago. His instinct was to save the baby, but the mother moose was making that a bit difficult. Fortunately Warren waited for a police officer with the Homer Police Department to help him out.


Today had a wild start. Baby moose just wanted to learn how to fly! #alaska #babymoose #savingababymoose

♬ original sound – Spencer Warren

Officers Morgan Tracy and Charles Lee responded to the scene, helping Spencer by getting a police car between the mother and calf and assisting him in pulling the calf out.

What a wild morning. Had to save a baby moose that fell into the lake and got stuck between the float plane and the dock. Thanks to the Homer PD for distracting the mama moose and the officer for helping me pull the baby out” – Spencer Warren

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Never attempt to rescue a wild animal on your own, especially an animal like a moose. You should always contact your local wildlife officers for assistance if you find an animal that you believe is in distress. Attempting to help an animal could put both you and the animal in harm’s way.

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