Screenshot from the Dungeons of Hinterberg trailer.

Dungeons of Hinterberg, a new action-adventure RPG set to release in July, takes players on a monster-filled trip through the Austrian Alps, with snowboarding, climbing, and zip lining adventures all possible.

The game puts players in control of Luisa, a law trainee on vacation in Austria, as she attempts to conquer the Dungeons of Hinterberg. She’s packed both her sword and her snowboard for this trip, with the ability to fight monsters while taking advantage of a whole bunch of magic.

Welcome to Hinterberg, a new tourist hotspot in the idyllic Austrian Alps! You play as Luisa, a burnt-out law trainee taking a break from her fast-paced corporate life to conquer the Dungeons of Hinterberg. There are plenty of dungeons to find and adventures to be had in Hinterberg – will Luisa be sent packing on her first day, or remain to become a Master Slayer? Only one way to find out…

According to PCGAMER, the enemies are difficult, requiring thought out attacks and dodges. When you’ve completed the day’s fights, players are able to take chairlifts and their snowboard on exploratory journeys, seeking out new powers.

The demo for the game is available on Steam right now, but the whole thing releases on July 18.

Screenshot from the Dungeons of Hinterberg trailer.

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