Close encounter with a grizzly.

ALBERTA, Canada – It’s truly incredible how calm this biker manages to stay through this entire grizzly encounter, but he really does seem to do just about everything right. He probably could have gotten a bit louder, but still, telling the bear to leave while aiming bear spray as a precaution was a good move, and the bear moves on.

It was about 9 pm and I was mountain biking the Hochimini trail in Jasper Alberta when I came across a grizzly bear in the slough part of the trail. She was initially barely in view, maybe 50 ft away, but I could see it was a bear. I stopped and said ‘hey bear!’ while pulling out my bear spray and grabbed my cell phone to record the encounter. The bear continued walking toward me and the video starts when I say more sternly ‘back off, okay?’ while pointing bear spray at her.

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