Hiker Survives 4 Days After Falling Off Guatemalan Volcano
Hiker Survives 4 Days After Falling Off Guatemalan Volcano

Wild story out of Guatemala where a hiker from Georgia survived 4 days after getting separated from his group and falling 400 feet down a cliff while hiking the 13,000-foot Acatenango, near the Volcan de Fuego, the Volcano of Fire.

FOX5 reports 26-year-old Zain Waliany was feeling the effects of altitude sickness when he got split up from his friends. He realized his mistake and was attempting to get back on track when he badly sprained his ankle. Waliany continued to trudge up steep and treacherous terrain when he lost his footing and fell nearly 400 feet.

Dense foliage broke his fall and when he came to a stop he realized he was injured, alone and his phone was dead.

“There’s vipers, there are snakes, there are spiders, jungle cats. There were so many things out there that could kill me. There were multiple times I thought I was going to die.”

Walainy spent the next four days sleeping in caves and trees as he made his way out of the jungle. At some point a dog joined him which he credits with helping keep him alive:

“Its ears just point straight up. I immediately be like…nope, not going that way. We’re going the other way.”

Authorities were aware of his disappearance and search and rescue teams where dispatched to find him. He eventually made to safety but had another thing to worry about:

“I was more scared of my mom coming out than I was scared of a mountain. One will actually kill me. If I get my passport back, my parents confiscated that right away.”

Walainy survival was nothing short of a miracle and he grateful to all the people who sacrificed their time and safety to look for him. He especially thanks his family. 

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