Yellowstone tourist charged by grizzly.
Yellowstone tourist charged by grizzly.

Just recalling that Yellowstone tourist who became internet famous after getting bluff charged by a pissed off grizzly at Yellowstone. It didn’t even really register to her as she watched the situation play out through the tiny screen of her cellphone. Listen folks, if your situational awareness goes to zero when you’re shooting video for your socials….don’t do it around apex predators.

After a video of her trying to photograph grizzly bears went viral, the woman was ultimately sentenced to four days in jail and banned from Yellowstone National Park for a year after being charged with disturbing wildlife at Roaring Mountain in the park while attempting to get a close-up picture of a grizzly bear and her cubs. She spent four days in custody, a year on unsupervised probation and faces up to $2,040 in fines and fees.

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