Giraffe lifts a toddler from a truck bed.

GLEN ROSE, Texas – A 2-year-old girl took the ride of a lifetime after a giraffe picked her up into the sky. According to the Associated Press, Paisley Toten’s family was riding through the Fossil Rim Wildlife Center with the toddler and her mother in pickup truck’s bed when the incident occurred.

Visitors were welcome to sit in truck beds while driving through the park, getting an up close encounter with zebras, giraffes and sable antelope. Feeding some of the animals is allowed as well. Paisley’s family had stopped to feed the giraffe when the animal grabbed her shirt in an attempt to get the food in her hand.

The giraffe did drop Paisley almost immediately, and she remained unharmed. Plus, after the incident, her parents bought her a toy giraffe from the gift shop. The park changed its rules on Thursday, requiring that guests stay inside their vehicle with the doors closed.

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