Eileen Gu Olympic Torch Relay
ScreenshotEileen Gu Olympic Torch Relay

3-time Olympic medallist skier, Eileen Gu, just took a stroll through the charming streets of Saint-Sébastien-sur-Loire in France on Wednesday, June 5th. Olympics.com reports the picturesque town, home to fewer than 30,000 people, was buzzing with excitement as Gu took part in the 25th stage of the Olympic Torch Relay, all leading up to the Olympic Games Paris 2024.

“It was really cool to be here in France. I was really excited to be part of it, it was an honour!” -Eileen Gu

Despite her impressive collection of medals from the Beijing 2022 Olympic Games (gold in big air, gold in halfpipe, and silver in slopestyle) Gu said that being a torchbearer was an experience like no other. She felt an incredible sense of pride and excitement, and it was clear that this event held a unique place in her heart.

“I was really just trying to enjoy the experience and share it with the other torchbearers. It’s such a great community. And the energy was so high. For the people as well, to be able to see the little kids all the way up to their grandparents. It was really cool to connect with those people and I think that was really special.” –Eileen Gu

Ailing’s joy and enthusiasm were contagious, making her visit a memorable moment for everyone in the town. It’s always amazing to see such a talented athlete take part in these communal experiences and share her passion with fans of all ages. Stay tuned for more updates as the excitement builds up for Paris 2024!

“What a honor it was to be a torchbearer for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games today. Always feel so blessed to be a part of the Olympic movement and to share the values of collaboration, unity, and inclusivity that sports can bring.” -Eileen Gu

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