Skateboarding mega-ramp Swiftroll
Skateboarding mega-ramp Swiftroll

Skateboarding has been around for a long time but I think we can pin down the beginning of modern skateboarding to 1976 with the invention of the ollie. In the subsequent 48 years there’s been hundreds of skateboard trick variations and you’d think the possibilities would be exhausted by 2024 but they aren’t. Check out this new move by Beaver Fleming thrown at Bob Burnquist’s mega-ramp compound in Vista, California. Beaver calls it “The Swiftroll” not sure if that’s a nod to Tay Tay or simple how fast he has to toss the body varial? This is such a cool rotation:

Same trick different angle. According to Beaver his speed was somewhere between 28-32 and the distance was about 55 ft:

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