Nikola Jokić whitewater rafting
Nikola Jokić whitewater rafting

Cheers to 3-time NBA MVP Nikola Jokić for enjoying a bit of whitewater rafting in the offseason but we gotta get a XXXL lifejacket on the big fella.

Colorado Parks & Wildlife had the same observation and wanted to make the Joker aware that they have teamed up with the US Coast Guard to offer a lifejacket loner program (MORE INFO BELOW).

Life Jacket Loaner Program

Have you checked your life jackets this season? Life jackets save lives – that’s why state law requires you to have one personal flotation device (PFD) of a USCG-approved type for each person on board in good and serviceable condition and in a readily accessible location in yo​ur vessel. 

Additionally, children under 13 years of age MUST wear theirs at all times while on board – and it’s especially important for children to wear the right size!

That’s why the U.S Coast Guard has teamed up with Colorado Parks and Wildlife to provide free loaner life-jackets (PFDs) for boaters. We have numerous spare PFDs in sizes from infants to adults to make sure you have what you need to be safe on the water. 

Not sure if your PFD is the right size for you or your kids?  Look at the USCG approval stamp inside the PFD – the small print will give you an approved size range for that life jacket by weight, age range, and chest size. A limited number of PFDs are also available for use by swimmers​.

What about wear and tear? The sun can degrade materials over time, and ripped seams and broken buckles won’t help you in an emergency. Still not sure?  Stop by the Visitor Center and ask a ranger to do a quick check on dry land before you venture onto the water!

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