surfboard stealing otter
surfboard stealing otter

Otter 841, who skyrocketed international fame last year for her surfboard stealing antics in Norther California, made a Memorial Day return after disappearing for several months. Otter 841 was spotted floating around a popular surf spot in Santa Cruz.

Otter 841 gained notoriety last summer after photographer Mark Woodward began posting images and videos to Instagram of her commandeering surfboards. Curious people began to fill the water around Otter 841 to get a closer look but The US Fish & Wildlife Service warns that approaching an otter is extremely dangerous because otters have sharp teeth evolved to bite through shellfish.

Should you be approached by Otter 841 or any otter, the FWS advises you should move as far away as possible. If an otter follows you, making yourself as big as possible and splashing water will help to scare them away.

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