The National Ski Areas Association (NSAA) reported 60.4 million skier visits for the 2023-24 season, marking it as the fifth-best season on record. Despite unseasonably warm temperatures causing a delayed start, the season’s strong turnout underscores the enduring enthusiasm for skiing. Kelly Pawlak, NSAA president and CEO, praised operators for their flexibility in extending operations due to late-season snowfalls.

The visit count is a crucial metric, recorded every time a skier uses a lift ticket or pass. Although the final numbers will be confirmed once all ski areas close, the preliminary data highlights the resilience of the snowsports industry amid renewed post-pandemic interest in outdoor activities.

Large resorts accounted for 57% of visits, while small ski areas, despite comprising 59% of operational ski areas, captured only 13% of visits. The Rocky Mountain region led with 26.7 million visits, followed by the Northeast with 12.4 million. Notably, the Midwest saw the largest year-over-year decline which is not surpassing due to the low snowfall.

The season also saw an increase in operational ski areas, totaling 487, driven by new openings and re-openings. Despite below-average snowfall of 158 inches, the average season length was 106 days, emphasizing the role of snowmaking.

Capital investments reached $754.3 million, focusing on lift infrastructure, with projections for continued investment next season. Season pass holders dominated with 50% of visits, reflecting ongoing strong demand.

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