The ORVIS Special Edition Four Wheel Camper

Why buy a standard camper when you could buy one specially designed for your favorite sport? Like if I was looking for a camper, I think I’d be a bit more inclined tot grab one built with skiing in mind. So why wouldn’t that be true for all outdoor sports? Why wouldn’t that be true for fly fishing?

“Join us as we unveil the ultimate fly fishing companion! For over a year, ORVIS and Four Wheel Campers have collaborated to create a premium pop-up truck camper, specifically designed for fly fishing adventures. This partnership merges the expertise of two outdoor industry leaders, delivering unparalleled quality and innovation.

The ORVIS Special Edition Four Wheel Camper is the adventurous fly fisherman’s dream. It features a lockable rod bunker, storing up to six fly rod, and a waterproof mud locker with a drain, to stow wet gear away from everything you’d like to keep clean. Plus, an L-Track system throughout the camper’s back storage makes hanging your gear and storing stuff away incredibly easy.

Internally, bamboo countertops, sturdy work spaces, high quality fabrics, well built appliances, and the choice between a portable induction or propane stove truly makes this a home on the road.

The Hawk, which features a 6-6.8ft bed and weighs 1,675 pounds, starts at $38,000, while the Granby, which features an 8ft bed and weighs 1,775 pounds, starts ata $39,000.

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