Charles Barkley may have confused showers of cottonwood with showers of snow.

MINNESOTA – It can snow in May in Minnesota. The last time it snowed a measurable amount in the state was back in 2013, when half an inch touched down. In 1946, 1935, and 1982, it snowed three inches in Minnesota in May. But there’s been no snow showers in May this year, at least not yet.

Charles Barkley, when discussing what Dallas Mavericks coach Jason Kidd may have been saying to his team at half time during game four of the NBA Western Conference Finals on Tuesday night, implied that it was snowing in Minnesota.

“If I’m Jason Kidd, I’m not going to talk about stats at halftime. I’m just going to show them the weather in Minnesota that’s snowing and say, ‘Y’all don’t want to go back to this, do you?’ That’s all I’d say: ‘Guys, it’s snowing in Minnesota. It’s hot as hell down here in Dallas, but it’s better than snow. Let’s get this thing over with.'” – Charles Barkley

There’s a good chance he was just cracking a joke, but there’s also a good chance he saw this horrific clip from a Minnesota Twins game in which showers of fluffy cottonwood seeds rained down from the sky like a snowstorm. I wouldn’t be surprised if he was confused, it looks a lot like snow. His point is pretty solid, nonetheless.

“Guys, it’s dumping cottonwood in Minnesota. It’s hot as hell down here in Dallas, but it’s better than cottonwood,” would work just find in my opinion.

It also looks like an absolute nightmare for those with cottonwood allergies. Just watching the clip makes my sinus pressure skyrocket and my eyes water. I can tell you I’d rather there be snow in late May than pounds of cottonwood seeds falling from the sky.

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