Big horn sheep rips past Glacier National Park hikers.

GLACIER NATIONAL PARK, Montana – If you want a good idea on what to do if there’s a bighorn sheep in the middle of the trail, this is a good one.

This group spots a pair of big horn sheep in the middle of the Highline Trail in Glacier National Park, and rather than trying to get close or take a good selfie, they move over, out of the rams’ paths and let them pass. They got a cool video, shared to TikTok by Postcards From Carrie, and they stayed safe.

Big horn sheep attacks are rare, but they can happen. Like with any wild animal, giving them plenty of space should be priority number one. If you see a big horn sheep, do not attempt to approach it, and don’t make loud noises in its proximity. Just take some pictures, move out of its way, and leave the animal be.

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