Badgers mountain biker encounter Utah
Badgers mountain biker encounter Utah

“Once I realized they were badgers, all these memories of like honey badgers versus mountain lions popped into my head. I was like, oh jeez, okay. These are dangerous. Let’s not approach them. I wasn’t provoking them at all, and they just rushed me.”

Draper, UTAH — A mountain biker in Utah was stopped in his tracks by a clan of badgers and they turned aggressive nearly forcing him off the trail. KSL reports Brandon Farzad was out on a trail ride when came upon the animals. He kept his distance but one the badgers snarled advanced on him.

Farzad jumped on his bike and retreated not wanting to be badgered anymore. He regrouped few hundred feet down the trail until he could see the badgers move off the trail. For information on badgers, their behaviors, and how to protect against them please visit Wild Aware Utah.

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