A lifeguard rips into disobedient surfers at near the famous Pipeline surf break.

PUPUKEA, Hawaii – Pipeline is one of the most notorious surf breaks in the world. It’s power, popularity, and the fact that it’s rather shallow makes it among the most dangerous sites, so lifeguards have their hands full along Ehukai Beach Park.

Can lifeguards come off as d*cks? 100%. Anyone who works to keep people safe can easily be a d*ck, but it’s often for a very good reason. If they aren’t harsh, people will act stupid and get themselves hurt or worse, and that’s every lifeguard’s worst nightmare.

The lifeguard in this clip is definitely very harsh. I don’t think there’s any argument there. The question is more about whether or not it’s justified. Based on the conversation, it sounds like the lifeguard is trying to tell these guys not to head out into the not-so-safe waters, and the surfers decide to question him, so he gets pissed off.

Again, harsh? Yes. Justified? Probably. There’s clearly a reason why the lifeguard doesn’t believe these guys are ready for Pipeline, and questioning his decision is probably a very bad idea. Especially on a beach like this, where these guards are essentially saving lives left and right.

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