tulip bloom kiteboarding
tulip bloom kiteboarding

Disclaimer: We contacted all the farmers to get permission for this shoot. Don’t walk into the flower fields without permission

It took 3 years for Dutch kiteboarder Edwin Haighton to get this shot and we applaud him for his determination. It takes a combination of sweet talking a tulip farmer and the tulip bloom firing while the wind is whipping and when it all came together the result is visually stunning:

“3 years in the making! The tulip bloom lasts only a couple of weeks each spring. Stig Hoefnagel and I have tried to make this clip for 3 years now. The first year, there was no good wind during the blooming season. The second year, the blooming periods were way off with no combined peak in colors. We tried hard, but we could not get the shots we envisioned. But third time’s a charm! This year we scored the perfect Southwesterly winds right in the middle of the blooming peak.” -Edwin Haighton

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