2x4 skis work a lot better than you might think.

The ol’ 2×4 skis are not entirely unheard of. They’ve been done before, but only on rare occasions, by the craziest of skiers. Do they work? Nope. They almost never do. But sometimes people manage to rip nonetheless.

In the past few days, we’ve been able to find two people setting out to build and ski their own 2×4 skis. Neither of them make what could truly be considered proper skis, but both of them are sweet.

Capital J Productions, who shared the video above, went as bare bones as possible, simply tossing some bindings on two pieces of wood. Those skis appear to have a bit of a problem with, well, control. No edges means much more difficult turning and stopping, and that’s pretty evident. Plus the DINs probably could’ve used a crank.

In this episode Jack and Benj strap some bindings on 2x4s and take them out on the slopes. First at the WIS testing facility and then a live demo at the esteemed Alpine Meadows. Skis were tested, laughs were had, hearts were broken, friends were made, and questions were answered.

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Our other 2×4 skier is Redditor u/TaitwasAChemist. The notable difference between the two is u/TaitwasAChemist’s use of sheet metal to create “edges” on the sides of the skis. The initial post, asking how the skis would be mounted, was made about a month ago. Unbelievably, many of the comments actually took the post quite seriously, and they clearly got their necessary answers.

Then, just this past weekend, u/TaitwasAChemist took them out for a rip. As you would imagine, there were still plenty of problems with the gear. But they claimed they worked fine, somehow.

I was BOARD this weekend, so I decided to finally ski the 2x4s. People thought I was jOAKing when they saw me on these, and asked how I WOOD ski them. But in all seriousness, they were fine. The main problems were A) it weren’t waxed. B) The tips were so close to the actual snow that whenever there is a bump, the tips just got stuck, and I popped out of my bindings C) the DIN was too low D) they were really just a f**king piece of wood.

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