A bison herd stampedes through a Yellowstone traffic jam.

YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK – Bison can be a real danger in Yellowstone National Park, and when people aren’t smart, things can get really bad, really fast.

Fortunately everyone in this video seems to stay in their car, not moving, even as the bison herd is still quite calm. Eventually, though, something up the road (which we can’t see) sets them off.

“I was just driving through Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming for a lovely fall adventure when the bison – as we often see happen – decided to conduct traffic their own way. Here’s what happened next….

If you find yourself near some bison, make sure to give them plenty of space. More people have been injured by bison in Yellowstone National Park than any other animal, and their behavior isn’t predictable. Make sure to give them at least 25 meters of space, and slowly back away if necessary. In this situation, staying in their car and letting the animals pass was the best move for these drivers.

A bison herd stampedes through a Yellowstone traffic jam.

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