A park ranger shoos away Bear 435 and her cub.

KATMAI NATIONAL PARK, Alaska – In the face of some serious, full blown danger, this Katmai National Park ranger just casually shoos away a massive mother grizzly and her cub.

The guts and bravery needed to stand up like this is insane. But she does it, and these bears listen, hightailing it away from the cabins.

This all went down at the Brooks Lodge in Katmai National Park, with a ranger who may or may not be named Julie. According to the video description, the cub is limping because it got into a fight with a porcupine, getting several quills in its paw.

The mother bear is Bear 435 Holly, who you may recognize from a massive voter fraud scandal that rocked Fat Bear Week back in 2022.

This video was recorded outside my cabin at Brooks Lodge in Katmai National Park. The mother bear is 435 Holly. The cub had been in an encounter with a porcupine the week before and had a lot of quills in her paw which caused her to limp. I think the ranger in the video is named Julie, but I’m not positive.

Bear 435, or Holly, being forced away by a park ranger.

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