A bull attacks a beachgoer in Baja California

BAJA CALIFORNIA SUR, Mexico – It’s not every day that you see a bull running rampage on a beach. But it’s also not every day that you get to see a tourist attempting to stand their ground against a bull running rampage on a beach. Definitely not the smartest decision in the world.

This clip was taken on La Fortuna beach in Baja California Sur, Mexico. According to the translated caption on the X post, the bull was initially being harassed by three dogs, but eventually turned its attention to this woman.

For whatever reason, rather than slowly backing away and giving the bull plenty of space, the woman attempt to collect her stuff as the animal is basically on top of her. All the while, people are yelling at her to get away from the bull, but she doesn’t listen and the animal attacks.

It’s unclear if the person in the video was injured throughout the incident.

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