This moose managed to break into a backyard in North Bay, Ontario. Caught on camera and shared to Facebook by Tom Watkins, the moose fights its way over the fence and out of the yard, properly putting some hurt on the wooden structure. As Watkins states in the video caption, he’s definitely going to need the video to convince the insurance company!

Honestly I didn’t know moose were that good at climbing! Watkins did speak about the incident with Bay Today, explaining that his neighbor grabbed the clip and notified Watkins’ nephew about the incident. Apparently Watkins had just moved into the house within the past five months, previously living in proper wilderness.

“I lived in the bush for 18 years and I never saw a moose. I moved to town and one runs through my backyard.” – Tom Watkins

The moose did do some damage to the fence, leaving some hoof marks in the wood and plowing through the fence on one side of the yard.

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