It feels like a different ski resort announces an updated parking plan at least once a week these days. Some areas have begun charging for the trail-side parking, some areas have carpool lots that you have to pay for if you only have one person, and some areas just charge for every lot on the mountain. In many cases, it comes out of necessity. A growing sport means more and more people trying to park, and more people trying to park means full lots. Charging for parking encourages carpooling or the use of public transportation.

The downside to charging for parking, of course, is that you’re charging for parking. I just paid for a lift ticket (or a season pass) that cost an absurd amount of money, you’re already charging a ridiculous amount of money for food, why should I be paying for parking, too? Are you just trying to nickel-and-dime me every which way?

Magic Mountain Ski Area, located in southern Vermont, became the next resort in a list of many to announce their new parking policy on Friday. Unlike most, however, Magic Mountain’s new parking policy doesn’t include paid parking. It doesn’t change anything about the current parking situation. Instead, it pokes fun at the increase in paid parking throughout the ski industry by reminding visitors that their parking is 100% free.

“Parking Policy Update: due to higher insurance rates, energy, flood damage, etc., Magic will be “doubling” its parking fees this year as follows:
Lot A Preferred Parking: $0
Lot B Nearby Parking: 0 cents
– Lot C Van-served Parking: Free
– Season Pass Holder parking: Zilch
– Indy Pass Holder parking: Nada
– Day Ticket parking: Bupkis

This isn’t the first time that Magic Mountain has poked fun at paid parking, either. Back in April of 2022, the mountain posted to its Facebook explaining that only those who show them an Epic Pass are at risk of being charged for parking. So this wasn’t their first time, and there’s a good chance it won’t be there last, either.

Featured Image Credit: Magic Mountain Ski Area via Facebook