“Take a peak inside as we give you a tour of this completely custom ski chalet on wheels complete with a queen-sized bed, motion detected perimeter AuxBeam lighting, Hidden toilet, pull out pantries and an Aluminess roof rack!”

Interested in living that van life as a skier but don’t want to contribute any elbow grease customizing a vehicle? Consider hiring out the work to a company like Narrow Road Van Conversions out of Minnesota. Might end up shelling out more than you would taking on the project yourself but there’s something to be said about leaving it to the pros. Take the tour of this ski chalet on wheels and if you’re interested in commissioning something similar GO HERE

“We are Erik & Gina of Narrow Road Van Conversions LLC, residing in the beautiful state of Minnesota. Because of our love of the outdoors and all things nature, it wasn’t long before we ran across the Van Life Movement and decided to “hit the road” on our own VanLife adventure. We hope to inspire you to create more freedom and flexibility in your life and follow the dreams that God placed on your heart.

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