Few do goofy ski edits like the French. There always seems to be a bit less intensity to the videos creating in the French alps than the videos created in North America. In the United States, summer means mountain bike edits or hardcore climbing films. In France, summer means Extreme Ski Canyoning.

Snow and water, they’ve got the same chemical structure… I don’t see why we can’t ski in a canyon”

Honestly, that’s a valid point. If I can ski in incredibly floaty powder, why can’t I ski on a river? Bet you’ve never asked yourself that, have you?

This video is just flat out fun. I imagine they had a ball while filming it, and I had a ball while watching it. The whole cheese-wax was a bit gross, but I was chuckling throughout it.

If you know how to read French, there was an interview with these goofballs posted to skipass that you can read here.

I wonder if they’re retired at this point. Are they now ex-stream skiers? Is that how that works? Should I become a stream skier just so I can retire and call myself an ex-stream skier?

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Image Credit: Nicolas Minet