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Boot Tan Fest (Naked Ski Festival) Is Headed To Sunlight Mountain In 2024

Boot Tan Fest, the nude ski festival for women and femme folk, will be coming back for its fourth year on March 29th and 30th of 2024. After the unfortunate closure of Bluebird Backcountry, where the festival had been for the past three years, the two day event will take place at Sunlight Mountain Resort in Glenwood Springs, Colorado.

[Bluebird Backcountry] saw our vision, helped us lasso up the best darn day of the year for all you snow-loving women and femmes out there, and we’re mighty grateful for that. It saddens our hearts to see their doors close, but we’ll carry that gratitude with us, like a prized gold nugget in our hearts, for creating a safe, welcoming, and downright inclusive haven for us trailblazers.” – Boot Tan Fest

Boot Tan Fest, created by Wild Barn Coffee founder Jenny Verrochi, is the largest ski festival exclusively for women and femme folk. It sold out last March with over 400 women and femmes meeting at Bluebird for a multi-day skiing adventure. This year, Sunlight Mountain Resort opens the doors for over 2000 guests.

In the past, the festival has featured live music, local art, and more, all culminating with a lap on the mountain in which clothing is completely optional. The exact events/schedule of 2024’s Boot Tan Fest aren’t yet known, but you can bet there will be at least one naked lap.

“It’s not just about streaking down the slopes (though that’s a bonus thrill!). It’s a joyful declaration that our bodies are OUR playgrounds, OUR choices. We’re waving goodbye to stuffy standards and hello to embracing every contour, curve, and quirky freckle. We’re swapping the systematic BS for a fresh breeze of empowerment. Because when you’re carving lines in the snow au naturel, you’re not just skiing – you’re soaring through a revolution of self-love and body positivity.”

In 2022, Boot Tan Fest’s naked lap became the subject of a ski film, Full Frontal Freedom. You can find the trailer for that below.

Featured Image Credit: Wild Barn Coffee via YouTube

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