“Our dog was playing with him moments earlier if that man would’ve backed away from the get-go, the dog would have followed him we just didn’t understand why he actually stepped in to frame as the MOOSE approached you’ll see it in one of the first videos. I mean, if it was some young kid punk style, we would understand, we would not support, but understand, this guy was over 60.”

When a big ole bull moose enters a local park that should be your cue to pack it up and get the hell outta there but apparently this dude thought differently. Check out this video from Pinebrook Park in Park City, Utah where a moose charges a both a man and dog.

Not sure if the presence of dogs is what triggered the aggressive behaviour but it’s well known that moose react to all dogs the same way they would to wolves, by trying to eliminate the threat. Excellent reminder to be on high alert if you are in moose country and taking your dog for a walk.


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Walking dogs around moose can pose significant dangers due to the unpredictable and potentially aggressive nature of these large creatures. Moose are known to become territorial, especially during their breeding season and when they have calves. If a moose feels threatened or cornered, it might charge at perceived threats, which could include dogs and their owners. Moose are incredibly powerful and can cause serious injuries with their sharp hooves and antlers.

Dogs, in their curious or instinct-driven behavior, might provoke moose by barking, lunging, or chasing them. This can escalate the situation and trigger defensive behavior from the moose. It’s crucial to maintain a safe distance and avoid getting between a moose and its escape route. Keeping dogs on a leash and under control can help prevent them from approaching moose.

Understanding moose behavior, respecting their space, and taking precautions while walking dogs in moose habitats are essential for ensuring the safety of both pets and their owners