“While hiking the Hidden Lake Overlook Trail in Glacier National Park, I watched a grizzly bear charge after mountain goats. The bear and goats came right onto the well-traveled trail, frightening the hikers who were a few feet from the action. The bear and the goats eventually left the trail and headed down the mountain.”

Gnarly video from Glacier National Park taken a couple summers back in where a grizzly bear came busting out of the brush at a full clip in pursuit of some mountain goats. While it’s many people’s dream to see a griz in the wild, for these folks it was a bit too close for comfort.  If you ever see a bunch of mountain goats booking it in Glacier, be aware there might be something behind them.

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Grizzly bears are iconic inhabitants of Glacier National Park, captivating visitors with their majestic presence. These magnificent creatures, Ursus arctos horribilis, play a vital role in maintaining the park’s ecosystem. Spanning over a million acres of pristine wilderness, Glacier National Park offers one of the last remaining strongholds for these apex predators.

Grizzlies are known for their distinctive hump and silver-tipped fur, which distinguishes them from other bear species. Their diet varies from berries and plants to fish and small mammals, shaping the delicate balance of the park’s food web. Though awe-inspiring, encountering a grizzly requires caution and adherence to park guidelines, ensuring both human safety and bear conservation.

Human activities, climate change, and habitat fragmentation have impacted grizzly populations, highlighting the importance of preserving their habitat. Park authorities work diligently to monitor and protect these bears, promoting coexistence between wildlife and visitors. In this untamed expanse of Glacier National Park, the presence of grizzlies symbolizes the essence of wild America and underscores the necessity of safeguarding these magnificent animals for generations to come.