Meet Rue McKenrick, an Oregon man with an ambitious plan to create a 14,000 mile trail system that would circumnavigate the entire United States (except Alaska and Hawaii). The American Perimeter Trail would connect a network of existing, new and proposed trails. Rue McKenrick has already made the trek that took him 3-years to complete and is dead set on making the new trail a reality. It is still very much in preliminary stages but the ground work has been laid. Here’s a quick interview with Rue about the project (MORE INFO HERE):

ABOUT THE American Perimeter Trail:

The American Perimeter Trail is a mechanism to make beautiful spaces and outdoor recreation more accessible to all while protecting land resources for future generations to enjoy. The trail is in its early stages and uses a combination of existing trails and undefined routes on its quest to secure and maintain an unbroken conservation corridor around the United States. This is a common trail development method employed by the country’s most legendary trail systems, such as the Pacific Crest, Appalachian, and Continental Divide Trails.