One of the most anticipated new lifts for the 2023-24 ski season is the replacement of Big Sky’s Lone Peak tram. The small fifteen-person tram will be replaced by a 75-person one. For the past couple of years, Big Sky has made riding the tram an add-on charge due to the long lines that have become commonplace.

Jack Reaney of Visit Big Sky reported last week that the ski resort will be transitioning to a per-ride pricing model, compared to the current model where the add-on charge leads to unlimited runs.

The move is to get guests to purchase a gold or black-diamond season pass. Gold Passes, which cost $2,250 for adults, will get you unlimited tram access. Black Diamond Passes, with a cost of $1,880 per person, get you 25 rides for the season. If you have an Ikon or Mountain Collective Pass, you’ll have to purchase a tram ticket.

After some criticism over not revealing the details when season passes were released, Big Sky has just revealed a tentative price range of $10-40+ per ride. I imagine the $10 would be on midweek days, and then the $40 or more would occur on weekends/holidays or crowded powder days. The rate charged won’t change during the day.

General Manager Troy Nedved explained why they’re switching to this model:

“The shift to a per ride system will lower the cost barrier of entry for guests wanting to experience Lone Peak… The more affordable entry cost makes the tram more accessible to skiers… Based on the average tram user currently taking less than 2 rides per tram day, we expect the cost to be lower for most tram users. This shift also removes the pressure to lap the tram all day once a guest has committed to the current daily rate.”

The other important part is that during the winter, the tram won’t fit 75 people because they want to keep the crowds minimal on Lone Peak. They’ll be able to fit 75 guests in the tram during the summer when it will be used for sightseeing. The summer cost of riding the tram will be lower than the winter rate.

So the main question is this: on a peak powder day, would you pay $40 or more a ride for a trip up to Lone Peak?

Image/Video Credits: Big Sky Resort

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