VIDEO: Corbet's Couloir Yard Sale

VIDEO: Corbet's Couloir Yard Sale

Jackson Hole

VIDEO: Corbet's Couloir Yard Sale


Sizing up Corbet's for Kings and Queens - Jackson Hole Mountain Resort

Let the video below serve as a friendly reminder that Corbet’s Couloir at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort is no laughing matter.

It’s certainly not the most difficult trail in the world, but the entrance can be especially challenging.

Watch as what appears to be a fairly decent skier ends up falling down the entirety of the couloir after an impressive yard sale.

Seeing people fail continuously on Corbet’s really puts how good the pros are into perspective.

We’re struggling to just shimmy our way down into Corbet’s while the big boys and girls are hucking themselves over the lip throwing double backflips and 360s.

Coincidentally, this year’s Kings & Queens of Corbet’s competition is scheduled to go down sometime between February 4th and February 11th.

Check out the best moments of Kings & Queens over the last 5 years to get excited for this year’s comp!

Header Image Credit: Jackson Hole Mountain Resort

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