Tough day on the slopes for speedflyer Kristoffer D. Hofstad who clipped the wall while trying to thread the needle down a tight chute and ended up in the hospital.  Like many accidents in the mountains, this was precipitated by “several small human stupid choices.” Hofstad was candid in his Instagram post about the incident citing several contributing factors including changing his flight plan just prior to takeoff, this only being his second flight under a new wing and the first wearing skis with the new wing. Moral of the story, when your playing in life threatening terrain don’t get too caught up in the moment…“Fly safe, there will be a day tomorrow too.”

A little over a year ago, I got “a little” too eager during a flight.
Ended up with a crash down a chute, helicopter to hospital, full trauma unit, CT and the whole package.
The short story:
The cause of the incident was composed of several small human stupid choices that resulted in the accident. Changed original flight plan just before takeoff, second trip with new wing, first trip with skis on legs with new wing.
Noticed at the start of the turn that this wasn’t going, but at that point I couldn’t cancel (No plan B!).
Got a reality check, but fortunately escaped with only a rupture in S4 and S5, #kardashianbooty and sitting for a few weeks after the incident.
Fly safe, there will be a day tomorrow too.

images from krishofs IG

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