Are Snowball Fights Illegal In Colorado?

Are Snowball Fights Illegal In Colorado?


Are Snowball Fights Illegal In Colorado?


Colorado is a winter wonderland, so one would think that something simple like snowball fights would be legal across the state. The Law Offices Of Steven T. Rodemer, LLC, which is based in Colorado Springs, recently dove into the odd snowball laws that various towns and cities have in the Centennial State. 

Colorado’s snowball laws made international headlines in 2018 when a child named Dane Best persuaded the town of Severance to overturn a law that made snowball fights illegal. 

Throwing snowballs remains illegal in many Colorado towns, but the penalties and prosecution are uncertain. Here are the towns that currently ban snowball fighting in Colorado:

  • Aspen: You can’t throw snowballs at any person, building, or vehicle.
  • Boulder: You can’t cast, throw, or propel” snowballs. Jugglers are allowed to throw snowballs as part of their routines though. 
  • Fort Collins: You can’t throw a snowball at any vehicle. 
  • Glenwood Springs: Throwing snowballs are illegal when you intend to injure someone or deface personal property. 
  • Hudson, New Castle, and Rifle: Throwing snowballs are allowed if the person or thing you throw it at belongs to you. 
  • Idaho Springs: Snowball fights are allowed for recreational purposes in such a manner that no unreasonable risk of harm was presented.”
  • Keenesburg, Leadville, Loveland, Nederland, Oak Creek, and Pierce: Snowball fights are illegal in public, and on enclosed or unenclosed ground.”
  • Louisville: Multiple methods of throwing snowballs are banned, including slinging, dropping, shooting, or launching” them. 
  • Snowmass: Snowball fights are legal, but they aren’t allowed to cause physical or property damage. 
  • Windsor: People aren’t allowed to throw snowballs at any vehicle, building, tree or other public or private property, or upon or at any person in any public way or upon other public ground.”

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