Moose Attacks Ignorant Tourists (Scary)

Moose Attacks Ignorant Tourists (Scary)


Moose Attacks Ignorant Tourists (Scary)


It turns out that American tourists aren’t the only people who lack common sense when interacting with large mammals…

We’re used to seeing tourists to Yellowstone National Park getting chased off by elk, bison, and bears, but the video below took place in Russia.

A group of Russian tourists were petting and feeding a wild moose in Zyuratkul National Park. They surround the animals from all sides with their phones out to record the interaction.

Watch as things go terribly wrong for these ignorant commrades:

Let this video serve as a friendly reminder to give wild animals, especially large mammals like moose, plenty of space.

Surrounding them to feed, pet, and take pictures is inherently dangerous, and extremely irresponsible.

I’m just glad to know that Americans aren’t the only folks foolish enough to try something like this.

I find comfort in the fact that our adversaries in Russia equally as dumb.

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