Fair warning to all of you about to watch the video below, it might make you cringe in disgust.

The clip shows a tourist, who clearly is lacking common sense, getting within a couple of feet of an angry bull elk for a close up picture.

The video was allegedly recording during the elk rutting season. Bull elk become extremely aggressive towards humans and other bulls this time of year as they’re bodies are oozing with hormones to prepare them to mate.

The owner of the video wrote the following caption:

Im just here to remind you that Bull Elk are incredibly unpredictable and aggressive at this time of year. Stay in your car and never approach them.”

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Notice how he continues to take pictures even after the elk charges at him? It doesn’t seem as if this man has any clue just how much danger he is in.

Wildlife experts advise that tourists to National Parks stay at least 50 yards away from all elk throughout the year.