Want to take your family of four sledding on toboggan that fits in a backpack? I didn’t even know that was a possibility before stumbling upon the Airboggan by LakeSurf. Same materials used in those inflatable SUPs you see around just transferred to snow. Not advertised as such, but I’m thinking you tie it to a rope and cinder block and you got yourself nice little makeshift swim platform when summer comes round. Pretty sweet!

Product Description

The Airboggan – like your childhood toboggan only much more comfortable, fun, safe, big, lightweight, durable, easy to carry, easy to store… Ok, so it’s nothing like your childhood toboggan. It’s better in every way possible!

The Airboggan is made of insanely durable drop stitch material, the same material used on the flooring of inflatable military-grade rafts and rugged standup paddle boards. It is not only built for performance and comfort, but it is also built to last.

With four foam-cushioned seats you can get the whole squad in on the action. Airboggan tracks through pow like and champ and will give you all the speed you can handle. Just send it on the world’s only rugged inflatable toboggan!

Rolls Up Small

Airboggan is easy to store and transport to and from the sledding hill. When deflated and rolled up, it makes a 9” Diameter x 24” Long cylinder!

EVA Foam Seat Pads

Soft, squishy and durable, the EVA seat pads provide excellent cushion for your rear and keep you from sliding around.

Comfy Handles

Strong, foam-filled webbing handles are ergonomically placed and help keep you glued to the Airboggan for a secure ride.

Rugged Drop Stitch Construction

We use only the best materials and construction methods. PVC layers are fused to nylon layers on the top and bottom, with a drop-stitch core in between. Unlike similar inflatables that use glue which can weaken over time, each seam on Airboggan is heat welded to create a permanent bond. All seams are reinforced with heat welded PVC trim.

Beefy D-Ring

The oversized front D-ring is strong enough for towing behind your snowmobile or quad and also great for attaching a strap to pull the kids around or drag Airboggan to top of the hill.

High PSI Halkey-Roberts Valve

The high pressure Halkey-Roberts valve is the same type you’ll find on inflatable stand-up paddleboards. Pump not included.

Curved Front End

The curvature on the front end lets you plow through the pow and gives a nice barrier between you and the path ahead.


  • Inflated size: 10′ 3″ Long x 22″ Wide x 19″ Tall
  • Weight: 12 lbs
  • Valve type: Halkey-Roberts
  • PVC-coated UV-resistant dropstitch fabric and sidewalls
  • Thermal welded reinforced seams
  • EVA Foam Seat Pads
  • Max inflation pressure: 10 psi