Hunter Comes Face-To-Face With Cougar (Tense Video)

Hunter Comes Face-To-Face With Cougar (Tense Video)


Hunter Comes Face-To-Face With Cougar (Tense Video)


A Colorado outdoorsman was stalking an elk herd when he came face-to-face with another hunter deep in the mountains.

The only problem- the other hunter was a cougar.

Check out the tense video below!


“I was stalking a group of elk in southern Colorado. The lion was too. While trying to call in the elk, the lion heard my calls and came to investigate. We did not see each other until he was only feet away. After a brief stare down I began to record the encounter. To let him know I was not good I threw a rock at him. It startled him but did not scare him off. He began to circle trying to get my wind so he could smell me. When he did this I threw another rock at him which still did not scare him. I ended up standing up which is when he decided to move on, and I did too.”

I’m more afraid of mountain lions than any species of bear. Anybody else?

There’s just something I don’t trust about cats in general, and that stereotype is amplified based on the size of the cat.

Thankfully the hunter was able to go about the rest of his day without sustaining any injuries, but I probably would have had to go home and change my drawers…

With that being said, I wouldn’t mind running into the other kind of cougar in the woods of Colorado if you catch my drift.

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