Pop quiz, what do you do when a herd of rutting bison surround your tent??? You scram if you know whats good for you. Check out this video from Yellowstone of a campsite inundated with by a pack bison as the campers observe and film from a safe distance:

“A great backpacking trip up Slough Creek the past few days. Wildlife included bison, more bison and more bison. When setting up camp on night 1 the bison herd was more than a mile away. 5 hours later, they would have our tents surrounded, as the bison rut worked it way through our campsite.

We were in the tents playing cards, while a light shower passed through, when we started to hear bellowing and snorting. We quickly got out to see the herd was heading our way. Our tents were surrounded for almost 2 hours before they finally moved on.

No damage was done, but there were 2 new wallows within 15 feet on either side of one tent. We watched from a safe distance from our core camp. Everyone we met on the trail asked us if we were worried about bears, and I have to say, the bears were the last thing on my mind on this trek. All and all, a beautiful trip, even in the middle of a rutting herd of bison.”

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