Hikers Fail At Scaring Off Grizzly (Watch)

Hikers Fail At Scaring Off Grizzly (Watch)


Hikers Fail At Scaring Off Grizzly (Watch)


The hikers in this video did everything right when they encountered a big grizzly bear on the Highline Trail in Glacier National Park, Montana.

They shouted, screamed, and made themselves look big, but the bear just didn’t care. He just keeps moving slowly towards them.

Check out the tense video below:

I personally would have needed a change of pants after this encounter…

There will probably be some know-it-all in the comments that will say some stupid shit like:

‘Stop seasonalizing bear and mountain lion encounter videos. They aren’t that dangerous. *ONLY* 50 people have died over the last 300 years from bear attacks’

Buddy. You don’t get it. If I was face-to-face with a bear, I’m not thinking about how “only” 50 people have died. I’m thinking about how I don’t intend on being the 51st…

*Note- I have no idea how many people have actually been killed by bears over the last 300 years. I’m just basing that off of a stupid comment I saw on our Facebook page the other day.*

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