Total Chad Tries To Scare Bison Off Road (Video)

Total Chad Tries To Scare Bison Off Road (Video)


Total Chad Tries To Scare Bison Off Road (Video)


Everybody knows what a ‘Karen’ is right? It’s a derogatory name given to a woman who makes a scene in public, thinks she’s above the law, and threatens to call the manager or police at every waking moment of her life.

Well, there’s a similar character in our modern society that has been identified by the internet as ‘Chad’. Chad is a guy who walks around in a tank-top with his arms jutted out. He’s constantly flexing in mirrors. He uses words like dude, my guy, and bro, and he thinks he’s the ultimate alpha male.

Essentially, Chad is the asshole jock you knew in high school who hasn’t changed a bit. He’s a real piece of work.

The man in the video below is a perfect example of a Chad. He got out of his car to confront a 2,000 lb. bison in Yellowstone National Park thinking that he could scare the animal off the road.

Check out this tool in the video below:

I think Chad has listened to too many Joe Rogan podcasts and slammed one too many Red Bulls for his own good. He was ultimately successful in getting the bison to move off the road, but he nearly ended up gored, trampled, and rammed to death. Idiot.

Lay off the ‘roids Chad. You’ll never be strong enough to take on a bison no matter what any of your gym bros tell you.

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