Tourists Snap Selfies With Huge Grizzly Bear (Watch)

Tourists Snap Selfies With Huge Grizzly Bear (Watch)

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Tourists Snap Selfies With Huge Grizzly Bear (Watch)


Tourists exploring Glacier National Park were treated to the wildlife encounter of a lifetime when a large grizzly walked within feet of them.

The video’s description doesn’t say when this was recorded but states that it was filmed on the Logan Pass trail within Glacier National Park, MT.

*Sorry that the video has annoying music playing. I’m not sure why the video’s uploader decided to do that…*

Nobody was really in danger in this video, but I’m shocked at how calm everybody acted as the bear made its way across the path. Good on them for giving the bear space, and not agitating the bear.

With that being said, pulling out your phone to snap a selfie with a grizzly that’s within a hundred yards of you might not be the best idea, ya know?

Still, it’s refreshing to see people acting somewhat responsibly around wildlife for once.

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