I’ve seen a lot of debate on the interwebs over the last few months about whether or not turning is ‘cool’.

Seems like an odd topic to debate considering every skier and rider is required to turn at some point in their run, but this is the internet, and we’ll debate anything to distract us from the stresses of real life… 😆

So here’s the question: Is short-turn skiing cool? Or, is straight-lining every slope no matter the conditions more en vogue?

I’d like to submit the clip below of an Italian ski instructor making quick turns on his edges to argue my point that turning is cool… as long as you add some style to it.

I don’t think we should be meandering our way gracefully down the slopes with our inside edges touching each other like our forefathers, but lacing some quick turns going to edge to edge is undoubtedly cool, in my opinion.

What do you think? It turning short turn skiing cool?