Bear Stalks Young Family On Hike (Watch)

Bear Stalks Young Family On Hike (Watch)


Bear Stalks Young Family On Hike (Watch)


A family of five was stalked by an aggressive bear during a recent hike along a popular hiking trail in British Columbia, Canada. Brighton Peachy (@brightonpeachy) posted the terrifying encounter to her Instagram page, and the clip has gone viral across the internet.

Peachy was with her husband, and their three young children. She says that the bear followed them for over half a mile before it left them alone.

Peachy’s toddler can be heard saying “Can we play dead now?” throughout the clip as he clearly wasn’t understanding the severity of the situation.

Check out the clip below. So scary.

Good on the Peachy and her husband for staying relatively calm during this tense encounter. They did everything they should by making loud noises and not running away.

I guess I just wonder why they didn’t use that bear spray? The bear gets within a few feet of them at different points. Bear spray should only be used as a last resort, but I feel like a bear following you for 20 mins is cause for blasting it with some spray, right?

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