Grizzly Bears Cause Traffic Jam (Video)

Grizzly Bears Cause Traffic Jam (Video)


Grizzly Bears Cause Traffic Jam (Video)


Nothing like a traffic jam caused by two grizzlies looking to scavenge some roadkill in Yellowstone National Park.

I mean, where else can you be late for a tour of a park filled with mountains, geysers, caves, and more because two hungry grizzly bears needed to pick up their dinner?

That’s just Yellowstone, baby.

Yellowstone Twins: “Grizzly bears cause a ruckus in Yellowstone National Park. The mother grizzly and her cub walk on the hillside and the grizzly cub runs after some birds. Then both bears start to make their way towards the road where a lot of tourists are parked to observe them.

At first it is not clear as to why they went down to the road with so many people in their way, but you soon see the mother grizzly grab the road kill and then run back up the hill. She then gives the road kill to her cub to eat. The video was taken near Yellowstone Lake.

The handheld video was shot from our car with a zoom lens. “

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