r/PerfectTiming - Took a photo at the exact moment my boyfriend was bitten by his squirrel friend.
Credit: u/smcochr2

The National Parks Service posted a funny public service announcement to their Instagram page warning visitors about the dangers of feeding and interacting with squirrels at various National Parks.

You might be surprised to hear this, but squirrel bites are one of the most common injuries reported at US National Parks.

This is usually because city folk visiting the great outdoors for the first time think feeding a squirrel a piece of their king size snickers is “cute”, and they end up with a nice chunk missing from their fingers.

Just don’t feed the wildlife at National Parks. Is that too much to ask?

Job well done to the National Parks Service social media guy or gal for making me laugh about squirrel bites. Inject a little humor into what could be a bland PSA and they got me to stop scrolling and read on Instagram.

Now that’s some quality social media work.

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